The driver of a big rig in Pennsylvania had quite an unfortunate mishap late last month when he ruined the structural integrity of one of Pennsylvania's most beloved covered bridges.

Because of his inexperience and well, mostly stupidity, 37-year-old Antoine Branham was driving on his route when he came to the Rapps Dam Bridge and proceeded to drive under it, ripping out every cross-beam in the process.

The East Pikeland Township bridge in Chester County had undergone a $1.5 million reconstruction three years ago.

If only there would have been some kind of sign saying exactly how high the clearance was! Wait, there was!

All right. It might have only been his fifth day on the job, but wouldn't that be the first thing one would look for?

Apparently he made it under the first frame, panicked at what had happened and carefully backed out, causing minimal damage.

Wouldn't that be nice? That's not what happened. Instead, he panicked and cruised on across the bridge.

Hopefully, next time he'll pay more attention to his surroundings, if there is a next time.



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