The news outlet was the first to confront him about whether he was in a helicopter hit by enemy fire in Iraq more than a decade ago during the Iraq War in March 2003.

Williams announced Saturday he was temporarily stepping aside from "NBC Nightly News" after his integrity came under fire following his remarks.

Stars and Stripes released the audio because Williams has not publicly discerned or disclosed why claimed to have come under fire.

In the clip, Williams said he assumed he was hit because all the helicopters were hit and forced to land. However, those details are debatable, officials said.

Last week, when Williams was at a New York Rangers' NHL game, he was with a soldier who helped guard him while he was a convoy of U.S. military helicopters in Iraq in 2003. They were forced to land and Williams claimed -- in comments said at the game -- the helicopter he was in was had come under enemy fire and was hit.

Veterans spoke out and pointed out that Williams' remarks were inaccurate.

Williams said this on an NBC newscast last Wednesday:

"I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire. I was instead in a following aircraft. We all landed after the ground fire incident and spent two harrowing nights in a sandstorm in the Iraq desert.”

NBC News announced it was probing Williams' retracted statement in an investigation, USA Today, The New York Times and other news outlets reported Friday.

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