If someone breaks into your house and the cops show up, it's safe to assume they'd be arrested, right? Of course!

But in the case of an intruder who broke into a home in Kuna, Idaho, near Boise that was not the case. And it gets worse.

A 25-year-old drunk naked guy broke into a home, took a dump on the floor and then was nearly shot by the couple who had been asleep in their bedroom.

Jake and Tricia Gillaspy woke up to this random drunk standing in their bedroom staring at them. Jake grabbed the gun and pointed it to dude's head and forced him out of the house. It was then that they noticed that he had pooped all over the place and flooded the kitchen.

Once the cops arrived, instead of the drunk being arrested, he was just given two citations for misdemeanors and given a ride home!

This didn't sit well with the homeowners and an internal affairs investigation has been opened. Charges are expected to follow, 7 KTVB reports.