Say what you want about Lady Gaga, but she always knows how to keep herself relevant and in the news.

She wears outrageous costumes to every event she attends, she says shocking things and just comes off as a really weird oddball.

But hey, if it works for her, that's great.

Her most recent stunt took place last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

While she was finishing up one of her songs, she shouted: “F--- you pop music!”

She then invited a vomit artist on stage to help out with the next song. While Gaga played the drums and belted out her song "Swine," the artist drank a green-colored liquid and the intentionally vomited all over the 27-year-old pop star.

Yeah, it was intentional.

WARNING: This video is not for those with a weak stomach.

Lady Gaga - Swine - SXSW Festival Live 2014 by AficiaInfo

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings