Today on Segment 16, Free Beer breaks the radio station, and eventually figures out the super complicated process of putting a song on the air. Also, the guys get an update on the three GRPD officers who are being fired for mishandling a local prosecutor's car accident.

Free Beer kicked off today's segment like he does often, with the beginning of a song, before he cut it off and began talking. But when he stopped the song, he deleted it, and couldn't figure out how to get it back. The guys all chime in on how to fix the problem. It was super hard.

Then, the GRPD officers who mishandled a local prosecutor's accident are being fired. Even with their exemplary records, and long track record of good deeds, it has been decided that their transgression in this case was too much.

The process has begun, but of course there are appeals and more coming. We'll keep you updated.

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