On Monday morning, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Los Angeles area. No injuries were reported and expectations of damage are very low, if any at all.

KTLA was live on the air at the time the quake hit. The news anchors dive under the desk and how much their outdoor-facing camera shakes as the quake occurs.

Meanwhile, across town at Fox 11, the morning show was also on the air doing happy chat about St. Patrick's Day when the quake hit. Within seconds, the anchors said they didn't yet know the intensity or the epicenter of the earthquake (obviously) and then asked the traffic reporter, WHO WAS IN A HELICOPTER, if they felt the quake.

For those that have experienced earthquakes before, this is a pretty typical, run-of-the-mill California earthquake. For those of us who have never experienced one before, it seems terrifying!

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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