While the rest of the country was celebrating Back to the Future Day yesterday, Brian Kilmeade was just having a bad time.

The plan was simple: Dress up like Marty McFly, have Huey Lewis open up the door of the DeLorean, and get out of the DeLorean without hitting his head. Well, he accomplished the first one at least. 

The door outsmarted both Brian and Huey Lewis, as it took about 21 seconds to get it open with Huey looking confused and defeated the entire time. As Brian got out of the car, he forgot that the doors go up and not out and smacked into it pretty hard. If that didn't make the segment awkward enough, Brian asked Huey if he looked sexy..."Uhh, no sir".

Bummer for Brian. Bummer for Huey. Bummer for everyone during this embarrassing 90 seconds.

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