Scott Weiland is facing legal action from a firm who once attempted to help him get out of legal hot water. According to TMZ, G&M Law has filed suit against Weiland for $50,000 for allegedly failing to compensate them for past work they did on his behalf.

G&M state that they represented Weiland in 2013 when he was being sued by his Stone Temple Pilots bandmates for allegedly sabotaging their tour at the time. According to G&M, they worked loads of hours for Weiland and filed a countersuit against the band on his behalf, but Weiland dropped the firm a year later and failed to make good on his tab.

The law firm state that they were cooperative with Weiland's new legal representation during the transition, but still failed to see compensation for the work they completed on behalf of the rocker.

As you may remember, Stone Temple Pilots underwent a tumultuous split with Weiland in 2013 that hit the peak of dissention between the two sides when the other members of Stone Temple Pilots began performing and releasing music with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington as their vocalist. Eventually the two sides settled their differences out of court and Bennington remains as STP's vocalist. Weiland, meanwhile, has pursued a solo career with his band The Wildabouts. He released the Blaster album earlier this year.

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