Latest Update: Santolla's son, Dorian Angelo Santolla, revealed that the decision has been made to take his father off life support this Wednesday (June 6) and that friends and family are welcome Tuesday to say their goodbyes. The guitarist's mother, Sue Santolla-Rocha, revealed that Ralph is an organ donor so he will live on. "Those recipients don’t know what they are getting until they suddenly become sarcastic, funny, get tattoos, start playing guitar," she stated, also revealing, "One other thing, Devil’s Highway was getting close to completion. It will be done and that is a Ralph’s legacy. “

Update: Santolla's mother has offered a new update on the musician, stating that the "outlook is very poor," while expressing her gratitude for those who have come visit the guitarist in the hospital. Read her latest update here.

Metal guitarist Ralph Santolla, best known for his time with Deicide, is currently in a coma at Tampa, Florida hospital after suffering a heart attack this past week. Santolla's mother, Sue Santolla-Rocha, revealed the news via social media, relaying the circumstances leading up to his current state.

Santolla-Rocha revealed, "Ralph thought he had a spider bite on Saturday. Went to the hospital. It was not a spider bite, it was a blood clot. Tuesday [night] he fell and he had a heart attack. John Rocha gave him CPR until EMT arrive. His heart had stopped but they got him back."

She went on to state, "His visuals are stable but he is in a coma. He is on a ventilator but he is breathing around it. He could breathe on his own but they do not want to had additional strain to his body. He is in a coma. That is the main concern at this moment. They can fix everything else."

She explained that the family has been having his friends come and talk to him and play music, but there has been minimal movement so far. She adds, "Please pray as he has people all over the world praying and if you can come and spend time with him. Please..he needs to get back from the place that he is in." See her full post below.

In addition to Deicide, Santolla joined Obituary in 2007 and appeared on a pair of albums and one EP for the band. His credits also include time as a touring musician for Death, playing guitar for Sebastian Bach and Iced Earth and most recently playing with Serpent Seduced Eve and Devil's Highway.

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