Foo Fighters' upcoming album Wasting Light is set to drop in stores this Tuesday, April 12, and the rock vets were the musical guest for last week's Saturday Night Live. Aside from performing the two-song norm, Dave Grohl decided to get in on the comedy action.

The Foos played intense renditions of "Rope" and "Walk", some of the heaviest performances to be featured on SNL this season.  It's still pretty cool to see Pat Smear back in the fold, who left Foo Fighters in 1997.

Dave Grohl had the chance to show off his comedic side in two skits.  He played himself in an SNL Digital Short about the wondrous powers of Helen Mirren's breasts. The frontman actually lives inside them. The second skit featured a cameo by Grohl as a sleazy strip club DJ, complete with aviators shades and cheesy laugh.  You can watch all the clips below. Stream Wasting Light before the record comes out tomorrow.

Foo Fighters perform "Rope" on SNL:

Foo Fighters perform "Walk" on SNL:

Dave Grohl cameo in SNL Digital Short

Dave Grohl in SNL's "Bongo's Clown Room" skit: