We can’t make this stuff up… Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook was just featured on a new episode of My Cat From Hell. He didn't just make a quick appearance either. It’s a friggin 20-minute program about Jason Hook and the evil cats he shares with his girlfriend Stefanie.

You may remember My Cat From Hell from Joel McCale’s relentless ridicule on The Soup, but who the hell thought The Soup would be cancelled before this show? My Cat From Hell is in its seventh — SEVENTH! — season, and Hook stars in one of the newest episodes.

Ladies and gentlemen, kitty cats Farnsworth and Patton just don’t get along. Even when the two cats were separated by a cage door, they still found a way to maul each other. “It’s very likely that one cat might try to kill the other,” Hook says. So the couple recruited the one man who can solve this problem — master cat communicator Jackson Galaxy.

After Jason and Stefanie broke up for a short while, Hook adopted two cats to help deal with his loneliness. After getting back together, Jason and Stefanie tried to move their four combined cats in together, but things didn’t go smoothly. “[The cats’ fights] scared us so bad that we were almost contemplating not getting back together,” Hook confesses.

Can Jackson Galaxy mend the relationship between Farnsworth and Patton, thus saving Jason and Stefanie’s own relationship? It’s a tall order, but Galaxy is the man with a plan! Watch the entire episode of My Cat From Hell in the player above!

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