This is gross and truly makes me wonder what's going on in the head of a person who can do this.

WLNS reports that police in Van Buren Township, which is just east of Ann Arbor, are looking for a man who was inside the Meijer, took a poop in a box, sealed the box up and then LEFT it on the shelf. Yeah, just left it for someone else to come across.

According to WLNS, it happened at the Meijer on Bellville Rd, just before 4 pm. Yeah, you heard me; there was a guy who took a poop in a box in plain view at three in the afternoon.

Who in their right mind even comes up with this plan, let alone actually poop in public in a box? I have problems going if I know you can hear me through the bathroom door in a house, let alone just out there in an aisle. Also just the uncleanliness of it all. How do you just do your thang, pull up your pants, and walk on like you didn’t just do that without grabbing some Charmin? I’ve seen plenty of videos on Ridiculousness where people do this in public and then walk around like nothing? You monsters. But to then also take the time to seal up the box and place it on a shelf?! It makes me want to pay extra to have a delivery service bring me my groceries. (And no products that come in a box!)

Anyway, back to the story, WLNS says police are looking for the guy, who also stole some merchandise before jumping into a “light-colored Ford Escape.” Of course, dirty butt also nabbed some free stuff.

I hope no one here in West Michigan knows this maniac, but if you do call the Van Buren Township Police.  WLNS reports that criminal charges may be filed against the guy if they find him; I would hope so.

Also, don’t buy anything that has been taped up... at least without having someone else open it to make sure there’s no poop in it.

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