Falling in Reverse bandleader Ronnie Radke has clarified that his band's new single, the pop-metal rumination "Voices in My Head," isn't dissing Machine Gun Kelly.

That's what some fans seemingly surmised after Falling in Reverse released a violent music video for "Voices in My Head" last week.

Now, in an interview with Loudwire Nights airing soon (follow Loudwire Nights on Twitter so you don't miss it!), Radke comes clean when asked if the track is specifically meant to mock Kelly, the fellow rap-rocker and frequent actor whose real name is Colson Baker.

Loudwire Nights: The million dollar question is, are you dissing Machine Gun Kelly at the 1:05 mark?

Ronnie Radke: No I'm not, actually. People are insane — that's crazy. I was like, whoa, I can see that. I'm like, wow, this is perfect because of the words I'm saying.

And then the scope — the scope was actually put in there last minute. Because we were gonna put a bag over my head, instead of shooting. And the bag over the head did not look right, it looked stupid. So we were like, let's do a sniper shot.

And the blond is just me from my 'Coming Home' album and my "Losing My Life" music video. But people don't put those two things together — I don't know how. A lot of people have.

Some people have. But I would say that most of the comments I read, people believe that you are dissing MGK. That's funny that you're not.

Well, they want to believe that. But I'm not trying to fucking further my career by making fun of people — not anymore at least.

The rest of the interview is coming soon on Loudwire Nights. "Voices in My Head" follows Falling in Reverse's "Zombified" from January. Both singles will appear on the band's forthcoming Neon Zombie EP. Falling in Reverse are scheduled to hit the road this summer with Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead and Bad Wolves. Get concert tickets here.

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