While Evanescence took an extended break from recording, singer Amy Lee set her sights on working on film scores, and during a recent chat with Metal Hammer, the vocalist revealed her dream collaborator when it comes to working on a movie.

"I'd do anything to work with Tim Burton," admits the singer. "I love him, but I've never been able to meet him. I got to meet Danny Elfman - he had me come over to his house. I wanted to learn more about Danny's process!" Elfman, of course, has provided the score for many of Burton's films including the hugely popular score for Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Given Lee's penchant for dark and theatrical music, a pairing with Burton would seem like a natural fit. The singer then added, “I would love to meet Tim Burton, but there would have to be a reason, there would need to be the right project, the right film. That would be a moment where you could just print up the tombstone. It’s his contrast; everything is like a cartoon, the colors are like a dream of life, like a painting that’s come to life. But, in addition, there is this part that is grief, or pain, or something really messed up that seems to come from a child’s perspective, which, having been through grief as a child, I really relate to.”

Lee made her entry into working in film, collaborating with composer Dave Eggar to create music for the film War Story, with a soundtrack album called Aftermath soon following. The pair once again collaborated on film music, working on the short film Indigo Grey: The Passage in 2015. The singer also shared her desire in 2021 to find the time to score a nature documentary.

Recent years have seen the vocalist return to recording and touring with her band. Evanescence most recently released The Bitter Truth album in 2021 and they're currently on tour in Europe with Within Temptation on the "World's Collide" tour. The band also recently announced plans to tour the U.S. with Muse in early 2023. Get your tickets here.

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