If I were you, I wouldn't change any summer plans because of this. But, you deserve to know that there's a "time traveler" who is now predicting a massive Midwest earthquake this July. The prediction cleary points to the New Madrid Fault located in southeast Missouri along the Mississippi River about midway between St Louis and Memphis.

Before I add any backstory, this video was shared on TikTok this week allegedly from a leaked document claiming a time traveler is predicting 3 major events this year. See for yourself.

3 Predictions for Summer 2022

He calls it "The Great Split" on July 14, America's biggest earthquake. If it's going to split America, that's New Madrid Fault 100%. For the record, as the USGS notes, the largest quake in American history was a 9.2 in Alaska in 1964. That means the one the "time traveler" predicted would be bigger. That's gonna mess up someone's plate collection.

Prediction #2 is the disappearance of 2 million people on August 9.

You don't want to be around for prediction #3 as a new creature called "stalkers" will make their appearance on October 3. Wow, that's a busy year.

Now let's discuss. I have a few life rules. #1 - I don't make life decisions based on anything on TikTok. #2 - If you have a "leaked document", show me or it didn't happen. #3 - There's no need for a third rule.

I share this for fun because time travel is a fun topic. Should you take this seriously? Nope. Should you laugh like I did? I sure hope so.

But if stuff does start to get real, maybe a bunker is the best option. Here's one that's all lux.

Midwest Mansion Hides a 5000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker Under It

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