Bagpipes in the traditional sense aren't considered a staple of rock.  AC/DC did pull it off in "It's A Long way To The Top" and the Dropkick Murphys can rock some bad ass bags but other than those two groups, it's pretty rare to see someone take a solo on bags during a rock song.

But - that was then and this is now.  Fans of bagpipes fear not!  The Badpiper is here to change the perception of this traditional and (for the most part) depressing sonic instrument.  Watch as the Badpiper rocks out the Queen classic "We Will Rock You".  In order to prevent public mocking the clever Badpiper incorporates some stomping participation from the crowd gathered around to watch.  Witness the movement people cause it's going down.

For the record, The Badpiper is available world wide for any occasion, weddings, funerals, pre-parties, pool parties, spa parties, social gatherings or even....anti-social gatherings.  Rock on almighty bagpipe dude!