Any good Michigan summer includes heavy doses of two things: ice cream and outdoor concerts.

Now, DTE Energy Music Theatre is adding a new twist to the pair.

DTE Energy Music Theatre has announced they are selling "adult ice cream" at their concerts this summer.

What is it? It's ice cream with vodka in it.

The vodka-infused ice cream is made by Arctic Buzz and it varies from 6 - 9 percent alcohol by volume. Flavors include key lime pie, cookies and cream, birthday cake, coconut, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla.

Arctic Buzz is currently only sold in four states: TexasMichiganNew Jersey and Maryland, but there are plans to begin distributing nationwide. Until then, having alcohol with your ice cream will be a two-handed job in the other 46 states. 

Alcohol with dessert has never been easier. Nice knowing you, Jello shots.

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