When you're out in the woods camping, you have to make your own entertainment-- You know, tell stories around the fire, make s'mores, read a book-- whatever.

This guy though, he decided to drink a bunch of beers and then call 911 to talk about how huge his muscles are and try to get a date with the dispatcher.

Florida Today reports that a dispatcher received a call from a man who bragged about having big muscles and then asked if she was single.

After disconnecting the call, the dispatcher got two more calls from the man, again asking if she was single.

Police traced the call to Lake Griffin State Park, eventually finding the man responsible, 41-year-old Eduardo Garcia, surrounded by beer cans in a tent.

Garcia and his big muscles apparently were not too happy about being taken into custody. On the way to the police car, Garcia told the officer he wanted to head butt him and kill him, and then he spit on him.

Garcia was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and misuse of the 911 system.