Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie has apparently been accused of lip-syncing, and at a recent concert, he denied the rumors, and slammed the culprit who started them.

LaBrie brought the matter up during Dream Theater's March 18 concert at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas.

"I'm gonna fucking clarify something right now, okay? People have been saying I'm fucking lip-syncing? Fuck you. I've never lip-synced in my entire life," the singer said to the crowd. "That section there? I'm singing in a lower octave, oh fucking god forbid."

"Fucking, what is wrong with people online?" he continued. "I'm sorry, but fucking come and show me what I'm doing wrong. I guess I'm losing my mind because I'm almost at the end of the leg."

See fan-filmed footage of his rant below.

According to Loaded Radio, the lip-syncing allegations initially surfaced online about a month ago, specifically regarding the Dream Theater track "Bridges in the Sky." A fan posted links to clips on the Dream Theater Reddit page praising LaBrie because he'd "perfected singing a section" of the song, which is from their 2011 album A Dramatic Turn of Events, during their 2022 tour.

The comment sections of both the Reddit thread and the YouTube video of LaBrie addressing the rumors are mixed. Some witnesses agree that he's lip-syncing, while others say he's singing along to some background tracks.

"Perfected the playback and lip-sync. Really sad it has come to this," one user commented on the Reddit thread. "Definitely sounds like some clever offstage blending. He’s definitely singing, but it sounds like it’s being combined with a track," wrote another.

Last week, LaBrie dropped his first solo song since 2013, titled "Devil in Drag." His upcoming fourth album Beautiful Shade of Grey will be available May 20 via InsideOut Music. Pre-order it here now.

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