Merten's Hospitality Group is changing the name its three downtown Grand Rapids restaurants at 35 Oakes St. SW, along with introducing new menus.

The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that the change is being made to "cut down on confusion".

Grand Rapids-based Mertens Hospitality includes New Hotel Mertens Brasserie, New Hotel Mertens Bakery, and Haute rooftop lounge.

Owner Anthony Tangorra tells GRBJ,

“After nearly three years, it was clear the use of the word ‘hotel’ was causing confusion in the community. However, we will continue to honor the history of our building and the hotel that was founded here in 1914 in a way that our guests will feel when they dine with us.”

First opening in 2017, New Hotel Mertens Brasserie has been closed since March due to the pandemic. Tangora plans to reopen it in the fall as Merten's Prime. The new concept will keep many of the French characteristics and dishes the restaurant is known for while adding a “significant selection of steaks and chops.”

New Hotel Mertens Bakery will be renamed Mertens Café. It's described as "the feel of a Parisian cafe in the heart of Grand Rapids." The new menu will feature "made-to-order beignets (French doughnuts) and poutine (hand-cut French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy along with many other options and toppings). It also will specialize in café au lait, featuring a new proprietary blend of coffee and chicory in partnership with Sparrows Coffee & Tea," GRBJ reports.

The rooftop bar will change from Haute to Mertens Rooftop; no big changes to concept or menu are planned at this time. According to a post to Facebook earlier this month, the rooftop bar is open 7 days a week starting at 4pm.

Mertens Hospitality Group said on social media that all the changes will be implemented over the next couple of months.

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