Not sure where I'm at on this one.  One part of me loves the fact that VH is still out there touring, recording etc... The other part of me thinks it's sad shall I put this...Um, yesterday's generation of rockers still try to compete in today's generation of rock.  There, I said it.

The leaps and jumps from members of Van Halen  in this video come compliments of still shots.  Did something happen after a stage jump that forced a cover up with photos?  Perhaps a slip and fall followed by an exclamation of "HELP, I've fallen and can't get up".  Guess the world will never know.

Keep in mind this observation is coming from a guy who attempts to re-live the glory days of his late 80's hairband by playing with the likes of Jackyl, Pop Evil and Wayland.  Maybe if I view it like it should be done.  In small doses.  Yeah, thats how I'll justify it.  There.  I've convinced myself it rocks, now what do you think?  Does the new Van Halen video Rock or Not.  Watch it and then vote below.