The images from the devastating flooding in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey, have been hard to see.  So many people are now without homes and a lot of those people, when they were rescued or fled for safety, had to leave their pets behind.

Fortunately, there are plenty of volunteers that are helping round up the pets that were left behind and they’re taking them to area shelters so the owners can find them when they’re able to return to their neighborhoods.

But we all know, that before the storm there were already plenty of animals in the shelters, so how are they able to take in, even more, dogs and cats?  By transferring some of the shelter pets to other states and have them help adopt the dogs and cats out. That’s what’s happening in Muskegon with the Noah Project.

The Noah Project is a no-kill animal shelter and they’ve started sharing on their Facebook page that they will be accepting dogs/puppies from the gulf coast animal shelters.  They’re also clear about the dogs coming to them, that none of them are “owned” pets, meaning all the animals were already in shelters and were looking for homes before the storm.  The goal is, to free up space in the shelters in Texas and Louisiana so they can fill them with lost pets and owners can be reunited.

Operation Harvey Rescue is an expensive endeavor with pilots and drivers bringing the dogs up on the over 1,100 mile trip from the Gulf Coast to West Michigan.  The Noah Project is currently looking for donations including food, bowls, towels, treats, blankets, dog beds, leashes, anything dog related.  They’re also needing people who can help transport animals or foster them.     If you have supplies they ask that you bring it by and drop it off during business hours.  If you can foster or drive, give them a call

5205 Airline Road
Muskegon, Michigan 49444


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