Did you miss the Blink 182 concert at the Van Andel on Wednesday night, August 31st? Don't worry, we got you covered. If you had to work, couldn't get tickets, or whatever, and really wanted to see the show, we've got some videos so you can pretend you were there later, haha!

I didn't make it over to the show until just before A Day to Remember took the stage, so I missed the openers, but caught all of ADTR's set! It was great, lots of energy, and they opened up a huge pit during their latest single, "Paranoia".

Then, Blink 182 hit the stage about 9:30, with "Feeling This", and "What's My Age Again", and the crowd went crazy, singing along and taking a million selfies. The girls in the row right in front of me took more selfies during these two songs than I've seen taken all month.

The blew some stuff up, had some cool video screens, and gave a flaming F*** right at the beginning of the show. Enjoy.