While it may have never had a physical GR address, David Letterman's oft referred to "home office" was once relocated to Grand Rapids.

On June 12, 1995 during an appearance on Larry King Live, a Grand Rapidian called in and suggested that Letterman make the move from Sioux City, Iowa to Grand Rapids. His response?

We'll move it, sir. It's done.

And so it was written, or rather, spoken.

The call came in around 46 minutes into the one-hour program and you can check it out in the video above.

When announcing the move on his own show the next night, Letterman quipped,

Frankly, we’re getting a better tax break in Michigan.

Grand Rapids remained the home office for Letterman for just under a year. During an appearance on Larry King Live on May 26, 1996, Letterman announced that his home office was again moving - this time to Wahoo, Nebraska.

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