It feels like it has been the year of the data breach, which is corporations' way of saying "someone hacked into our systems and stole your private information".

First it was Target last December; followed by P.F. Chang's; Home Depot; Jimmy John's and countless others.

Now the home of the Blizzard and the Dilly Bar has been hit. Dairy Queen announced in a press release that 395 DQ locations and one Orange Julius location had been infected with Backoff malware that provided hackers with access to an undisclosed number of customer names, payment card numbers and expiration dates.

The Dairy Queens in Woodland Mall in Kentwood and The Lakes Mall in Muskegon were among the locations. Seven other stores across Michigan were also compromised. 

Here is a list of the affected Dairy Queens in Michigan and dates the information was stolen:

  • Woodland Mall, 3155 28th St, Kentwood; Aug. 5-Sept. 2
  • 1201 Market Place Drive, Birch Run, Aug. 6-Aug. 31
  • 829 West Main St., Gaylord; Aug. 6-Sept. 2
  • 10490 Highland Road, Hartland, Aug. 5-Aug. 29
  • 3233 West Saginaw St., Lansing; Aug. 6-Aug. 29
  • The Lakes Mall, 5600 Harvey St., Muskegon; Aug. 6-Sept. 1
  • 413 U.S. 2, Norway; Aug. 2-Aug. 29
  • 1100 West Chicago Road, Sturgis, Aug. 1-Aug. 29
  • Hoover 11 Plaza, 26333 Hoover Road, Warren; Aug. 2-Aug. 29

So what do you do if you purchased items at DQ with a card at these locations on these dates? Here's what the company suggests:

If you believe your payment card may have been affected, you should refer to your payment card statements to confirm which card was used at Dairy Queen or Orange Julius and check for any misuse.  You should immediately contact your bank or payment card issuer if you believe your card has been misused.

Also,  International Dairy Queen is offering identity repair services to affected customers in the U.S. for one year at no cost.  For more information, click here.

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