Recently at Resurrection Fest in Spain, Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker noticed a poster backstage, and decided to share it with the world, as he thought it a super douchey thing to put up backstage.

Now, if this was a BMTH show, I could understand the poster. Who wants to get stopped at your own show?

But this was a festival with dozens of bands playing, including big names like Iron Maiden, Volbeat, The Offspring, and more. None of those bands posted something like this.

My question, why is it easier to post this all around the backstage area for security to try to memorize faces, when you could bypass all this by wearing your backstage pass? That seems way freaking easier.

And who doesn't want to look cool wearing a laminate on a lanyard with "ALL ACCESS" on it?

And honestly, would you really recognize four of those dudes just walking around?

I may not completely agree with Mr. Baker on saying they suck as people for doing this, but it does seem like a pretty douchey move. That's why bands need a good tour manager to tell them, "Now boys, just put on your f****** passes, and all will easy."

What do you think?