Wednesday night, the massive Metallica stage was up, the bands were ready, and the crowd packed into Comerica Park in Detroit for the Metallica concert with Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat. There was some worry about big storms coming through, so the show began a little early.

Volbeat was up first, and they kicked ass, just like they do every time I've seen them on stage. The sound was a little rumbly, but they were great, and had some boxing ring ropes around the stage, keeping with the theme from Seal the Deal...

Up next was Avenged Sevenfold, who mentioned having to cut songs from their set, as all the bands did, in case the storms came in. They had some technical difficulties with their intro tapes, and getting into the songs, but people still had a blast with them, singing along.

Then, up came the mighty Metallica, kicking off with a couple from their latest album, "Hardwired", and "Atlas, Rise!". The band played songs from most of their albums, with only a few exceptions: Load, Reload, and St. Anger. The black album was well represented, and there were songs from Ride the Lightning, Kill 'Em All, and Master of Puppets in there to make people happy, too.

The second ...And Justice for All song came at the beginning of the encore, with "Blackened" starting this off the end of the show. Of course, the show couldn't end without their huge hit, "Enter Sandman", and several minutes of fireworks and flame.

The band made great use of the enormous stage, wandering all over, and filling the giant screens with mixes of live and pretaped video in sync with the songs. They also blew out some ridiculous amounts of pyro, which could be felt all the way in the back of the bleachers! Every time they shot fire out, you could feel the heat, and wondered if your eyebrows were still there.

This was a massive show, and if you didn't get tickets and go, try to make one of the other shows before this tour's definitely a spectacle!

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