Depeche Mode's new album, 'Delta Machine,' is all set for release next week, and the band has been hitting up late-night talk shows and South by Southwest panels to promote the thing. Last night they played Austin's Brazos Hall at the music fest.

Like most artist showcases at SXSW, Depeche Mode didn't get much time. Their 10-song set barely lasted 45 minutes. And because the club holds only 900 people, not too many fans actually saw it in person. Too bad -- because the group filled half of the show with new songs.

This was the first time many of the songs, including the album's first single 'Heaven,' were performed live. Among the old classics Depeche Mode performed last night were 'Enjoy the Silence,' 'Walking in My Shoes,' 'Barrel of a Gun' and 'Personal Jesus,' which you can watch in the above video.

The brief set was a small taste of what fans can expect from the band when they finally hit the road in support of 'Delta Machine' in August. The tour is scheduled to run for six weeks as of now, but more dates will presumably be announced once the album is released and the group gauges its popularity. From what we've seen and heard so far, it all feels a lot like the early '90s. That's a good thing.

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