I'm not even sure how one would deep fry bubble gum, but it's one of the menu choices you can vote for in the Whitecaps selection of ball park fare. 

Every year, the Whitecaps solicit for new menu ideas, and then put the top ten to a fan vote. 

And this year, I noticed the Whitecaps have a sponsor for their annual selection of new menu items for Fifth Third Park in 2017. Its for vegetable oil. How appropriate, as deep frying is the route many of the new items go to win over your palate.

You don't get to taste test them, just a photo will have to do as you decide what you would like to eat this summer. I just think the Caps could have come up with a better photo for the 'I Full Tower'. It doesn't do it justice. Or perhaps it does it too much justice. I'm not sure.

Here are your 2017 Whitecaps food choices, along with my favorites, based only on the photos:

Beer Cheese Poutine: Having a bit of French Canadian blood in my veins, poutine is never a bad thing, and this version, served with waffle fries and pulled pork looks like a front runner.

The Cy Youngdae: A donut, cut in half and filled with whipped cream and strawberries.  Delicious, probably, but also kind of basic.

Deep Fried Bubble Gum: I'm not sure if this is just bubble gum flavored, or actually is bubble gum, but it looks kind of gooey and good.

Dessert Fries: Regular fries covered in chocolate in strawberry sauce. I don't think that's gonna work. A big NO from me.

Hula Chicken Dance: A carved out pineapple half, filled with teriyaki chicken and rice. This may work at a Luau, but seems too much for a Ball Park. I give the creator props, but the food service vendor isn't gonna okay this.

I Full Tower: A deep fried corn dog surrounded by onion rings. As embarassed as I am by the photo, this is like a Pronto Pup on steroids. Plus, it's easy to make. I think this is the odds on favorite.

Mighty Mac Dog: A hot dog topped with mac and cheese and bacon, and named for the Mackinac Bridge. It's cute to put mac and cheese and bacon on anything these days. it looks good, but it's too cutesy.

Nacho Mama's PB & J: A deep fried (of course) circular PB & J sandwich covered in nacho chips. I gotta taste this before I give it the thumbs up, but this could be a winner.

The Alan Spammel: The winner for the best name by far, this fried spam sandwich is also topped with mac and cheese and bacon (what else?) but the spam makes it special. I'm not sure the ex-Tiger shortstop has any feeling for spam, but I do. I highly encourage a vote for this one.

The Last Samuroll: Why the finality in the name, I have no idea, but this is merely a deep fried sushi roll. Something you can find at any sushi place. They try to save the idea by squirting siracha on it when it's done. Too little, too late. A big no to this one.

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