Fans attending the annual football game between the University of Iowa and Iowa State on Sept. 13, 1986 found themselves receiving a surprise visit from David Lee Roth during the halftime show.

The game took place at Iowa's Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City and, as their intrastate rivals' marching band launched into his Eat 'Em and Smile solo hit "Yankee Rose," the former Van Halen singer came out onto the field. As the crowd roared, Roth waved his arms to conduct the band, ran around, performed some of his trademark kicks and rubbed his backside against a flag girl's. While on the sidelines, someone asked him if he wanted to be part of a pyramid with the cheerleaders, but it's unknown if he participated.

You can see footage captured by local television cameras below.

"It was so cool," sideline reporter Rob Brooks recalled to KRNA in 2020. "Roth performed with the marching band and it was awesome! He was in the press box during the second half and I was able to say hello. It something I'll never forget!"

Not all were as thrilled by Roth's actions, however. Freshman Laura Uhl, the flag girl on whom Roth grinded, told Sports Illustrated at the time "I thought, Oh, God, that's me he's doing it to. I'm so embarrassed.... And I had even written to my parents and told them to watch the game because the band might be on TV."

Iowa won the game 43-7. That night, Roth performed at the Hilton Coliseum on the campus of Iowa State in Ames, Iowa.

Watch David Lee Roth During the Iowa-Iowa State Halftime Show 


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