When you've reached the stature of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, it's not uncommon to meet other musicians at music-related events, but the singer reveals that he met his childhood idol at of all places, his kid's school.

Grohl appeared on the BBC's Reel Stories for an extensive interview that can be viewed in the U.K. at this location. During the talk, Grohl recalled first crossing paths with his childhood hero, KISS' Paul Stanley.

According to Grohl (as transcribed by Kerrang), he had gotten into KISS thanks to an older cousin, immediately thinking, "This is rock 'n' roll." So fast-forward a few decades and Grohl finally crossed paths with Stanley not on a concert stage or award show, but rather at his daughter's school.

He recalled, “I’m taking my daughter to school, and who’s there in assembly? Paul Stanley. As much as I tried to seem unfazed and like another dad in assembly as the kids are singing kumbaya, I was standing next to the man whose face was a poster on my wall growing up. If it weren’t for this guy, I don’t know if I’d be playing guitar right now.”

Grohl previously revealed his KISS fandom while presenting the group an award at the 2015 ASCAP Pop Music Awards. Grohl shared their impact on his youth, stating that they “ultimately inspired me to follow this unreasonable dream of becoming a professional rock ‘n’ roll musician." He then added, "Forty years later, my love of KISS is still strong." His full speech from that evening can be viewed here.

The Reel Stories chat hits on a number of topics including Grohl's insecurities as a frontman to the joyous response of seeing how his music connected with others via the Rockin' 1000 performance of "Learn to Fly."

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