Comedian Dave Chappelle recently gave an interview with CBS This Morning and discussed a bunch of topics, including why he left Chappelle's Show and some hurt feelings because of the success of Key and Peele.  Chappelle used an odd analogy involving baboons and salt to describe why he left $50 million on the table when he walked away from his Comedy Central show, Chappelle's Show.  He said that indigenous people in some places would catch baboons by putting salt in a hole, and waiting for the baboon to grab it.  Then the baboon would gets its hand stuck in the hole.  Dave said that he felt like the baboon, but he was smart enough to let go of the salt.

Dave went on to say that success with the show never felt right to him, and he thinks about the show like a crazy ex-girlfriend.  He likes her and he misses her, but he knows he doesn't want her back.

Chappelle also discussed how he's a fan of Key and Peele, but his feelings are a bit hurt because they're taking all of the credit for a show format he feels like he created.

Check out the full CBS This Morning interview below!

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