Six full length albums now and what can you say about Danko Jones? You could say they  keep hammering out bold new songs that simply put "just rock". Just a Beautiful Day from the latest DJ album "Rock and Roll is Black & Blue does just that.   A kind of "back to the basic's" approach that seems to have worked.  "We did so much with the last record in terms of stars and storyline and it was a big to-do that I think the only natural thing to do was to take it back," the band's frontman recently told Loudwire. "If we tried to follow up on what we did for the last record with all the celebrities and stuff, we'd just become like that band that has all the famous people in their videos — more famous than them. So it was good to just take it a step back. It's cool. I definitely like it."

Check out the vid and then vote below on whether or not the "back to the basics" approach worked for Danko.  Does it rock or not?

Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue. Out now! Order at

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