Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth has explored the dark side onstage. Now he'll get a chance to do so on the big screen portraying cult philosopher Lon Carlson in the new horror film Baphomet.

Filth has been cast in a key role in the film from Matthan Harris that centers on a Northern California family who are approached by a cult member with a large sum of cash wishing to purchase their land. Displeased by the rejection, the cult inflict devastating curses on the family attempting to force them from the land until the family discovers the true nature of their property and why it must be protected at all costs.

"I really liked the idea of it and the script was good. It seemed genuinely interesting, esoteric and the premise is great," stated Filth in a video interview provided by Cleopatra Entertainment about why he agreed to act in the movie. You can catch Filth in the trailer for the movie below.

Baphomet is expected to arrive on June 8 on VOD platforms as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.

Baphomet Trailer

Dani Filth Interview on Baphomet

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