We've got a treat for you in this edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor. The Music Experience's Squiggy sits down with Crowbar legend Kirk Windstein to get a closer look at how he plays some of his favorite riffs.

Squiggy asks for Windstein's five favorite Crowbar riffs and the guitarist complies, explaining how each riff came about.

"Planets Collide" remains a fan favorite, but Windstein says the riff was kind of a fluke. "I was afraid to even show it to the band because it was so melodic," says Windstein. "The main riff is simple, but what makes it different for Crowbar, which we've never done on any other song, is the verse. It's a two guitar part." The Crowbar leader displays not only the part he plays, but the other lead as well.

Crowbar fans have to be thrilled to see "Walk With Knowledge Wisely" make the band's setlist, with the guitarist relaying an amusing story about its origin. "I remember being at the grocery store and didn't have any particular thing in mind while being at the grocery store with my wife. I told her, 'Don't take this the wrong way, but don't talk to me. I got a riff in my head and it can't go away. It's a money riff,'" says Windstein, and the rest is history.

During a bit on "Conquering," Windstein offers viewers a few of his guitar tricks (including one he picked up from Dimebag Darrell) and how he gets that dissonant sound. It's an awesome viewing performance for the "ear-taught" musician, so check out the video above.

Crowbar are currently off the road, but will head down to Australia for dates later this year. Keep up with their touring here.

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