The short answer to that question is, maybe?  But not real soon. Someday would have been a better word.

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about development along the River front in downtown Grand Rapids.  A soccer stadium, an amphitheater and other entertainment options have been talked about for the land between Fulton and Wealthy Street, but during those discussions another idea has come about; one that has piqued my interest hardcore.   The possibility of an aquarium, one that rivals Shedd Aquarium in Chicago being built here in West Michigan.

WOODTV reports that there is definitely interest from local leaders in building a large aquarium thet would not only attract Michiganders but also people from around the country as the city looks for different ways to attract more tourist to Beer City USA. That news coming from officials with development group Grand Action 2.0.

As Peter D’Arienzo John Ball Zoo CEO told WOODTV,

“We’ve been exploring the idea for the last few years and really in the last 12 months or so kind of getting the pulse within the community if this is something that would have some interest. The next step is really doing a very detailed economic study to really understand what exactly is the best aide for the aquarium, the budget, how many gallons, the best location.”

The John ball zoo currently does have the Van Andel living Shores Aquarium which is a 40,000 gallon aquarium. This new aquarium would be much bigger. WOODTV also says that a partnership with John Ball Zoo would be beneficial but isn’t guaranteed, again because it’s very early in the planning/development stage.  Grand Action 2.0 says it’s at least 5 to 10 years out from being a reality, if it even becomes reality. According to WOODTV, one of the first things they need to discuss is figuring out how to fund an aquarium.

I watch 'The Aqaurium' on Animal Planet, which is a behind the scenes look the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, so I'm stoked at this possibility of having our own aquarium here in Grand Rapids. It just needs to be way sooner than 10 years from now.

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