The next time feel a cough coming on, go for chocolate instead of rummaging through your medicine cabinet.

Researchers from England did a study with 163 people and prescribed one group over-the-counter cough syrup and the other group chocolate-based medicine. A professor and cough expert says to the Daily Mail

Chocolate can calm coughs.

People who had taken the medicine with chocolate felt significantly better within two days. Another study showed that medicine containing cocoa was a better suppressant than codeine because of its stickier properties. forms a coating which protects nerve endings in the throat which trigger the urge to cough.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean eating a Hersey's bar is going to cure you but it's the way that the compounds in chocolate work with the other ingredients found in cough medicine that make it much more effective.

Who's to say it's not worth testing it out though... you know for science purposes ;-)

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