Slipknot were forced to halt their July 27 show in San Bernardino, Calif. after the mosh pit got way too crazy. Between songs, Corey Taylor demanded fans back up to create more room, adding, “Nobody’s fucking getting hurt on my fucking watch, do you understand me?”

The San Bernardino date was the second gig of the 2019 Knotfest Roadshow, bringing Slipknot, Volbeat, Gojira and Behemoth onto one stage. Slipknot fans are some of the craziest and most rabidly dedicated on the planet, so when they began losing control of the pit, Taylor stepped in to bring some order.

According to one fan on Reddit, fans were “starting to get trampled and have seizures.” Corey noticed and got mad “because people wouldn’t stop moving to get EMT in.” “Kids and females were on the ground (hurt or unconscious) while people were still running around over them!" the fan wrote. “If Corey hadn’t stopped the song it could of been worse.”

Another fan added, “During the huge push on the first song a dude went down near me and was passed out face down on the ground. Every time I pushed as hard as I could to get some room it instantly filled back up with people I was getting pushed on top of him too. I was seriously worried this dude was going to die down there … For probably a minute or so, he was going limp then waking up and going limp etc. the whole time he’s just in a daze saying help me please help me please.”

“Once we got him up he kept going back out of consciousness and almost falling back down, hauling that dude from basically row 4 from the rail all the way to the back was tough but we saved that dude.”

One fan’s video from the pit shows how crazy the situation was from the first scream of “People = Shit.”

At the same gig, during Volbeat’s set, Slipknot fans set fire to t-shirts and waved the flaming fabric over their heads. Fire was also on the ground in the middle of a circle pit, which was quickly put out by venue security with fire extinguishers.

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