Obviously metal is brutal as hell, but when it comes down to getting injured while performing onstage, how well does that hold up? Apparently pretty well for Corey Taylor, who badly hurt his foot onstage at a recent Slipknot show. He's such a champ, he played anyway.

Slipknot wrapped up the European leg of their Knotfest Roadshow on Monday (Feb. 24) in Helsinki, Finland. Apparently, on the way to the stage, an oxygen tank fell on the frontman's foot, injuring him to the point where he thought his bones were broken.

And what did he think of the situation, you ask?

Well, nothing. "There's no way that we're not fucking playing this fucking show, I'm just letting you know," Taylor assured to the crowd before the band broke into "Nero Forte," which can be seen in a fan-filmed video. "I may have to hobble around, and just fight through it. But I'm gonna give you everything I've got god damn it."

Watch the fan-shot video below.

Slipknot are taking their Knotfest Roadshow over to Asia in March before returning to the U.S. in May. They were just recently added as a new headliner, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Sonic Temple festival after Metallica announced they would be withdrawing from the weekend. Get your Knot tickets here.

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