Corey Taylor has never taken any shit from anyone, and he's certainly not going to stand for people throwing things at the stage while he's performing. The vocalist called out a "dumbass" beer-thrower at a recent Slipknot show.

First of all — come on, people. Other fans are paying just as much money as you are go to these shows and they don't want to get drenched in your backwash-filled beverages. Nor does anyone want to get hit by anything to begin with.

Now back to the incident, a user on Reddit posted a video clip from Slipknot's show last night (Jan. 28) in Amsterdam. "You still with us out there, you crazy motherfuckers?" the frontman can be heard screaming at the start of the video. Then you can clearly see a cup fly from the crowd onto the stage.

See that little white thing to the left of Taylor?

"No beer," Taylor said once he saw the aerial cup. "Who the fuck was it? Dude, you threw a perfectly good fucking beer up here?" he mocked as he picked it up. "Fucking sad thing is, that just goes right fucking there," the vocalist sighed as he dropped the cup over the stage in front of the barricade.

"You just wiped your ass with that money, dumbass."

Does this remind anyone else of Axl Rose circa 1990s?

Watch the video here.

Slipknot are in Europe for their Knotfest Roadshow until the end of February, and then they take the madness on over to Asia. Grab tickets at this location.

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