To those who have been pissed off at high ticket prices to see your favorite bands, I have some good news for you.

Some promoters will start to lower the prices on "cheap" seats, but don't expect steep discounts.  Also, front row seats will still go for a premium and big name acts like U2 and Metallica will probably not need to lower their prices.

However, this is still better than nothing.  The first half of 2010 saw concert attendance decline 12% compared to the same time last year, with the average ticket price costing $61.  When promoters like LiveNation lowered ticket costs in 2009, they saw a 12% increase in ticket sales compared to 2008.  Of course they got greedy and raised prices in 2010, which completely backfired.

Artists and promoters hope to make up the lost revenue in merchandise and vendor sales.  When you charge $6-$8 for a beer to thousands of people, you'd think making up revenue would not be a problem.  However, big name artists cost big name money and managers are doing whatever they can to secure the most cash for their bands.  Most artists now are making their money by touring as CD sales have nosedived over the last decade.

Hopefully, these discounts will be enough for everyone to see the shows they want to see without breaking the bank.

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