Getting pulled over is a major bummer. Even if you haven't really been doing anything wrong, everyone is nervous when they see those lights flashing in the rearview mirror. And if you're college-aged and you're driving near a college campus late on a Friday night, that just makes it even worse.  

This dude got pulled over after leaving his apartment and while one cop was running his information, another cop noticed that he had lots of weird things in his back seat...namely juggling pins (did the miss the part where his license plate says "Juggler"?)! After a little back and forth, the guy revealed that he was actually a magician. So the cops asked him to put on a little show for them!

He pulled out the juggling pins, did some juggling and asked that the cops record video for him to share later! Everyone had a good laugh and they were all on their way.

If only all police/citizen interactions could go this smoothly..

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