Cockatoos are a popular pet choice for bird lovers, especially because of their ability to mimic sounds and words. Well, one guy got the most metal cockatoo out there — and it won't stop singing Drowning Pool's "Bodies."

According to the dude's TikTok video, he purchased the cockatoo from someone on Craigslist, which we all know can be a roll of the dice. Anyway, he said, "it keeps on making these noises," as the bird is squawking in the background. As he approaches the cockatoo, which is apparently a female, it starts rocking back and forth as if it were headbanging... and then you hear it.

"Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor."

Perhaps the best part is that she doesn't sing "floor" the third time around, she screams it as if she were mimicking late vocalist Dave Williams' growl.

Though the creator the video pretended he didn't know what the bird was saying at first, the second half of the video has the actual track mixed into it with some animations and effects. So, we don't actually know that he got the bird from Craigslist, for all we know he could've taught her how to recite the lyrics to the song himself. But, it's entertaining nonetheless.

Check it out below. His page has various other videos pertaining to metal, and a couple featuring a really cute dog.

If you've ever been curious as to how cockatoos learn to talk, All About Parrots states that the best way to teach them is simply by repeating words over and over. Different species of cockatoo have different learning capabilities, but many of them will learn to mimic phrases that they hear on the television or radio if they're exposed to such forms of media.

If anyone has taught their cockatoos how to sing Rammstein songs, please send us footage immediately.

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