Michigan's own Olympic champion boxer Claressa Shields made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night and talked about training in Flint and how satisfying punching people in the face is.

Shields, from Flint, told Stephen Colbert that she went into boxing because "I love hitting people." When asked what she enjoyed most about hitting people, Shields said, "I think it's mostly when somebody hits me and I hit them back and they can hit me hard and I'm like 'Okay, I'm about to hit you back harder and I make 'em cry and that's a wonderful thing."

Shields told Colbert about winning the gold medal after fighting a Russian, to which Colbert asked which country is the most satisfying to punch in the face.

"All of them," Shields said.

Shields talked about her training in Flint.

"So you live and Flint and you enjoy punching people? Ever heard of Michael Moore?" Colbert asked. "Say this one's from Colbert ... right across the chops!"

Watch the interview below: