You've heard us all talking about the new studio we finally got to get into this week, and how we're all getting used to it.  It's really cool, and really open, which is unusual for a lot of stations.

Most of the time, you're buried behind a million computer screens, hoping the other people in the room are still there, and you're not talking to yourself.

Our engineer Mike, and IT guy Ryan did an amazing job on the new WGRD studios.

The new control board works, which alone is a big step forward from the troubles Free Beer and Hot Wings had with the old board!

We painted the walls, got some bright-as-f*** lights, so they can do their web stream of the show, and we even have some space for bands to come and play acoustic for us when they're in town!

If you hear weirdness on the air this week and for a couple weeks, we're all adjusting to the new toys, and seeing what all the buttons do.  Sometimes they do things we're not expecting, and it does weird things on your end.