Hellyeah is returning to Grand Rapids on Wednesday, July 19th at 20 Monroe Live, with Avatar, and Kyng. It's going to be a great show, so if you don't have tickets already, there's still some left! Also, keep listening for your chance to win free tickets from GRD. To get you ready for the show, here are some videos from the last times Hellyeah was in West Michigan.

At the top, Hellyeah's performance at The Intersection, and "Sangre por Sangre", which kicked off the show. This was in May of last year, and was a great show.

Below, a couple from their show in Kalamazoo, at the State Theater, when they visited with In Flames back in December. This was a cool show, and my first time at the Kalamazoo State Theater.

Get ready for the Hellyeah show, and keep listening for your chance at those free tickets with GRD!

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