The movie a lot of people have been waiting for a long time is getting closer and closer! 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' comes out next year, and the teasers have been coming already, along with glimpses of what we will see when the movie comes out.

Now, get a better look at the costumes the comic book heroes will be wearing in the movie, including the Wonder Woman costume!

The movie picks up after the events of 'Man of Steel', and show Superman's influence on the world, how people begin to worship him, how he's changed things for the human race. It also pushes Bruce Wayne to suit up against the Kryptonian.

How Wonder Woman and Aquaman figure into the story has yet to be revealed, but from what we can see in the trailer below, this should be a kick ass movie, with a lot more destruction around the world, as these guys face off!

Oh, and I included what the conversation between Batman and Superman would be like if they really did come together. Enjoy!

"I'm basically just rich and nuts."