Solar Eclipse Madness - FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys check out Smashmouth...wait, it's supposed to be a TV segment on how to make a cereal box for viewing the eclipse. Unfortunately, they had Smashmouth playing too loud, and it got annoying.
Free Stuff? FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story about a Grand Rapids family that lost $3,000 in belongings, when they left a sign that said "Free Stuff" in their yard. Then they left.
Hayley Atwell Wants More Peggy Carter in the MCU
One of the underrated aspects of Marvel’s cinematic universe is its overabundance of good characters. Take Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter, for example. Most other major movie franchises would jump at the opportunity to have a character as beloved as Peggy Carter; for Marvel, fairly or un…
‘South Park’ Season 21 Delayed to September
It was only last week we learned that Ilana and Abbi’s Broad City return was delayed even further to September, and it seems the boys of South Park followed suit. The impressive twenty-first season will wait the better part of a month, premiering in September instead.

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