Most of the time, criminals get what's coming to them, and that's exactly what happened here.

A burglary suspect was trying to hide after committing a crime, so he decided a lake was the best hiding spot. In a lot of places, there really isn't anything in the lakes that can harm you, but Florida lakes are a different story. Well, Karma came back to bite him (literally), as he was eaten by an alligator.

Even though this is a criminal, it's still unfortunate that he was killed, but how can someone be so stupid as to hide in a lake at night in Florida? The answer to that is because he's a small time criminal, and they're all stupid. Most criminals do something stupid that will get them caught by the police, but small time criminals like this seem like they want to get caught or die with some of the things they attempt. It's good that they do, though, because it keeps them off of the street.

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