Bullet for My Valentine are here to make a statement in 2021 with their self-titled record that finds the band returning to their roots in regards to aggression. "Shatter," the third single off the forthcoming album, may not be the heaviest of the three songs released so far, but it's definitely the grooviest.

"Shatter" serves as an excellent change of pace track for Bullet for My Valentine, who already released "Parasite" and "Knives," a feral one-two punch that opens the new record. More reliant on lunging rhythms and atmosphere, this song brings a different style of heaviness that occasionally drifts into the radio rock style the band pursued on 2018's Gravity and even has a "whoa-oh-oh" vocalization that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Still, there's plenty of ferocity here.

Commenting on the latest Bullet for My Valentine offering, the band stated, "We're very excited for you all to hear our new track 'Shatter.' It's one of our personal favorites and we're pretty sure it'll be one of yours. It's an absolute sledgehammer of a track with riffs for days. Let the head banging commence!"

Watch the music video for "Shatter" at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below.

Bullet for My Valentine will be released on Oct. 22 through Spinefarm/Search & Destroy. Pre-order your copy here.

Bullet for My Valentine, "Shatter" Lyrics

In a world where I don’t belong
like a stranger I’m moving on
To a place where I wanted to be
And call it home
Wanna feel like I did before
Feel the love feel the pain and more
But the weight keeps burying me
And I feel so cold

Opening wounds breaking the bones
Giving a life for selling a soul
Its gonna break me
But that doesn’t matter
Another crack
Watch me shatter

I don’t exist I’m just living a life
But now I know I’m not ready to die

In a world where I don’t belong
Like a wanderer a vagabond
Will my feet keep carrying me
And bring me home
Will I breathe like I did before
Feel alive feel a sense of hope
But the cracks/fractures still seem to appear
And I/I’ve no control

Cutting the nerves veins are exposed
Under the weight it's taking its toll
Its gonna break me
But that doesn’t matter
Another crack
Watch me shatter

Bullet for My Valentine, "Shatter" Music Video

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